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Drone Technology Roof Surveying


We cover all areas of Gloucestershire and surrounding areas.
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Why Drone Surveying?

We have helped lots of homeowners who wish to sell their home, offer security to any potential buyers by assuring the roof is of good standing and providing a full report for potential buyers. 


No need for unsightly scaffolding which may cost you thousands depending on the size of your home.

Much lower chance of damaging your roof. A roofer would need to walk on your roof to inspect it.

Depending on the surveying package you chose, the duration of a drone roof survey will take 2-4 hours.

The average callout charge for a roofer in the UK costs £150-£200 (Not including scaffolding costs)

You can see with your own eyes if we find any issues with your roof, no misleading.

With a drone survey we can get to all areas of your roof with ease, providing a full inspection by a roofer with a minimum of 10 years experience.



A Complete Ariel view of your Home (Video & Photos)

Condition of your Roof & Tiles

Condition of Guttering and Facia

Condition of Chimneys

Condition of any Lead

Condition of any Roof Windows

Condition of Verges and Ridging​

Information of the tiles and materials used

Life expectancy (Recommended renewal)



Includes Basic & Standard Package

Full Thermal Survey (to avoid heat loss from your roof)

Condition of any Solar Panels

Measurements of all Elevations 

Square Meterage of your Roof

Condition of any Vent pipes

Information regarding all materials used and the costs of renewing

Cost Estimates of any work that needs renewing

Timeframe Estimate of any work that needs renewing

A professional Ariel photo print of your Home


£0.10p Per sq ft

drone tech roofing survey gloucestershire, lydney

  • 1 hr 30 min

    200 British pounds

  • 2 hr

    300 British pounds

  • 4 hr

    600 British pounds


Local Surveyors Direct - Drone Tech Roofing
CAA Approved Drone Pilot - Drone Tech Roofing
Drone Safe Operator - Drone Tech Roofing

Drone Operator: Keiran Lord

Drone Operator ID: GBR-OP-CXZLFZVWX38L


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