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Why a Drone Survey?

We have helped lots of homeowners who wish to sell their home, offer security to any potential buyers by assuring the roof is of good standing and providing a full report for potential buyers. 


No need for unsightly scaffolding which may cost you thousands depending on the size of your home.

Much lower chance of damaging your roof. A roofer would need to walk on your roof to inspect it.

Depending on the surveying package you chose, the duration of a drone roof survey will take 2-4 hours.

The average callout charge for a roofer in the UK costs £150-£200 (Not including scaffolding costs)

You can see with your own eyes if we find any issues with your roof, no misleading.

With a drone survey we can get to all areas of your roof with ease, providing a full inspection by a roofer with a minimum of 10 years experience

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