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Frequently asked questions?

Do you need a license to fly a drone?

Yes, Within the UK by law you should have a Operator License and if the drone belongs to you then you also need a Flyer I.D.

This is registered and obtained through the Aviation Authority (GOV).


Can a roof survey be carried out in the rain?

A roof survey can be carried out during the rain, most of our drones are water resistant. However if the wind speeds are high we cannot carry out a drone survey.


Who can carry out a drone survey?

This is where you've come to the right place, most survey's are carried out by ground surveyors who know nothing or very little regarding roofs. At Drone Tech Roofing every drone surveyor has had at least 10 years roofing experience. Every ex roofer knows exactly what to look for and the weak areas of your roof. 


Are you insured and do you have public liability?

Yes, we are fully insured for any events that may negatively happen whilst performing a drone survey of your roof. We also hold public liability insurance of £1 million in the event of an accident happening/involving any member of the public. 

Our Insurance and public liability certificates will be provided along with the detailed survey of your roof on completion.

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